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Why are Pickup Trucks such a Hot Commodity in Canada?

    Based on statistics compiled in 2021, 25% of vehicles purchased in Canada are pickup trucks. This includes both new and pre-owned vehicles. There are plenty of reasons for the demand for them. Consumers likes a vehicle they can count on. Some of these pickups are used exclusively for work. Others are the family vehicle and driven often. For many households, the vehicle takes care of everything they need.


    A pickup truck is higher off the ground, and that can offer some additional safety in the event of an accident. Many of the later models feature both front and side impact airbags. No one wants to be involved in a vehicle accident, but it can give you peace of mind knowing everyone inside of that pickup is as safe as possible with the features it includes.


    Pickup manufacturers strive to offer appealing options to consumers. There are all different colours and styles of pickup trucks available in Canada. Some of them feature an extended cab with additional seating. For convenience, they are often three door or four door, ensuring those in the back can get in and out with ease.
    The size of the bed can be a selling point for consumers. Extra features including a tool box can help them keep items they need with them safe and secure. Luxury perks including heated seats and upgraded interior can also encourage consumers to buy one.


    The level of comfort has increased with pickup trucks, and that influences the demand for them. These vehicles operate smoothly on the roads, and have great perks to ensure a person can relax and enjoy the ride. Advanced stereo systems and other features further entice consumers.

    Additional Seating

    For a household with children, the typical minivan may not be up their alley. Yet they need plenty of room for everyone. A pickup truck may offer that rather than going with a four-door sedan or even an SUV. If they often bring along lots of stuff with them, the bed of a pickup can be ideal.


    It is common for a household to need a pickup at some point. They may have items to haul away from their property. They may have large items such as appliances they purchased and they don’t want to pay for delivery. A pickup offers that versatility when you need it.

    Better Fuel Mileage than Before

    Pickup trucks have better fuel mileage now than they used to, and that encourages consumers to look at them. Many of the newer models are electric or hybrid too, giving consumers the option to decide which of those choices they would like to incorporate into the vehicle they drive. Some of the top selling pickup trucks in Canada today include the Chevy Silverado, Ram Pickup, and the Ford F-Series.