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Tips For Women Interested In Buying A Used Car

    Buying a used car should be exciting, not stressful! Women often feel insecure with this type of purchase because they don’t know enough about vehicles. Armed with the right information, you can have fun shopping around. You can feel confident you got the best deal on the used car you were after. You won’t have to worry about the vehicle encountering issues or not performing as it should.

    More women are shopping on their own for used cars than ever before. Not everyone is married, and many women are independent. Others make the decision for the household because they have the time to go look around and decide which vehicle is best for the family to own. Studies show about 62% of used vehicles sold today are to women.

    Research before you Go

    Do you have a certain type of vehicle in mind? Perhaps you need more space so a mini-van or SUV is something you are interested in. Safety features are key selling points for women, they want to know they are safe in the vehicle they drive. When they have children in two, the safety factors are even more important.
    What is your spending limit? You know your budget and how much you can afford to spend each month on a vehicle. How much can you afford for the downpayment? Don’t let any dealership pressure you into buying a vehicle you can’t afford. You don’t want to stress each month about the payment. Variables including interest rates will influence your total payment, but they can crunch those numbers and share them with you once you target a particular vehicle.

    What is the Value of the Vehicle?

    While dealerships have to make a profit on used vehicles, don’t let them take advantage of you with the price! Use your phone to independently look up the retail value of any used car. You can look it up by the VIN# to get specific details. You can also get a ballpark figure with the following:

    • Year
    • Model
    • Mileage
    • Condition of the vehicle

    If the asking price is much higher than the retail value, ask the dealership to drop the price. If they won’t negotiate, find another vehicle or a different place to shop. Many of them will offer a lower price if they know you are interested and the price is the only thing in the way between them selling that vehicle to you or not.

    Take it for a Test Drive

    It is encouraged to test drive a vehicle before you buy it. Do you like the way it feels when you sit behind the wheel? Are the controls easy for you to access? Check the heater and air conditioning to verify they work. Don’t forget to check the defrost too! Check all the windows to confirm they roll up and down properly.

    Listen for any rattles or noises coming from inside the vehicle or under the hood. Verify there aren’t any blind spots for you when the seat and mirrors are adjusted where you need them. Don’t rush your decision to buy, take all the time you need. Take the vehicle around town where you have several stops. Do the brakes work well? Does the vehicle accelerate like it should when you leave a full stop?

    Take it out on the highway and drive it at higher speeds. If the vehicle is sluggish or makes any odd noises during the test drive, it may have some underlying issues. If you move forward with the purchase, you may have some problems that arise. It is best to buy a used vehicle that is free from any concerns.

    Exceptional Dealerships

    Buy a used car from an exceptional dealership. They should welcome you from the moment you arrive, regardless of your gender. They should encourage you to ask questions, test drive vehicles, and help you with financing if you find a vehicle you wish to buy. Avoid dealerships that stereotype women or try to take advantage with the sale because of your gender.

    It is important to trust the dealership where you buy a used vehicle. Is the vehicle as is or does it have some type of warranty? If you get a warranty, what does it cover? How long does it cover the vehicle? Ask to see the inspection completed on the vehicle before you buy it. They should carefully inspect all points on the vehicle and take care of any issues before they put it up for sale.